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Jun 15,2021| LED Knowledge

1. Please first explain the installation environment of the pre-made LED display: indoor or outdoor, whether to install on the wall or post or other methods.

2. Provide a close viewing distance of the LED display after installation: 1 close viewing distance of the LED display.

3. Please explain the specifications of the LED display to be selected: If you are not sure, please contact the sales staff.

①The common outdoor full-color LED display specifications are: P4, P5, P6, P8, P10, P16, P20

②Commonly used indoor full-color LED display specifications are: P1.25, P1.567, P1.667, P1.875, P1.923, P2, P2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7.62, P10 .

③The commonly used indoor and outdoor stage celebration wedding background rental LED display specifications are: P2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, P10, P3.91, P4.81

indoor led display

4. Suggestion: Please indicate the area of the LED display to be made, and determine the specific length and width of the display, so that we can make a more detailed display production quotation plan for you: if it is only a rough area, we can recommend it for you The conventional length and width dimensions are made according to the ratio of 4:3 or 16:9, so that the ratio of the length and width of the screen is more coordinated, and the display effect is perfect. For the selection of display specifications and models, the production area of the display and the viewing distance need to be considered at the same time.

5. Application scope of full-color LED display: shopping malls, hospitals, banks, enterprises and institutions, exhibition halls, stadiums, ticket halls, hotels, securities companies, shopping malls, enterprises, schools, stages, banks, Voucher 1, *, transportation, industry and commerce, electricity, customs, parks, stadiums, conference rooms, auditoriums, cinemas, banquet halls, government and enterprise lobbies, high-level offices, corporate front halls, command and monitoring centers, related department squares, leisure squares , Large entertainment plaza, bustling business center, advertising information board, commercial street, railway station, airport, bus station, passenger terminal, wharf, supermarket, auction house, media center.

6. Every square pixel of indoor full-color LED screen:

P1.25: 640000 points/㎡

P1.567: 409600 points/㎡

P1.667: 360,000 points/㎡

P1.923: 270420 points/㎡

P2: 250,000 points/㎡

P2.5: 160000 points/㎡

P3: 111111 points/㎡

P4: 62500 points/㎡

P5: 40,000 points/㎡

P6: 27777 points/㎡

P7.62: 17222 points/㎡

P10: 10000 points/㎡

P3.91: 65536 points/㎡

P4.81: 43264 dots/㎡

outdoor full-color LED screen

7. Outdoor full-color LED screen per square pixel:

P4: 62500 points/㎡

P5: 40,000 points/㎡

P6: 27777 points/㎡

P8: 15625 points/㎡

P10: 10000 points/㎡

P16: 3906 points/㎡

8. How to choose a model with a suitable price for full-color LED display:

①. The meaning of P in the full-color LED display: P means the distance between any two pixels. For example: P3 means that the distance between pixels is 3mm, P4 is 4mm, and P10 is 10mm. Different pixel pitches have different resolution and definition. The smaller the dot pitch, the higher the resolution and definition, so the smaller the dot pitch, the higher the price.

②. The pixel density of each square is different. P2.5 has 160,000 pixels per square meter, P3 has 111111 pixels per square meter, P4 has 62500 pixels per square meter, and P5 has one square. A meter has 40,000 pixels, P6 has 27777 pixels per square meter, P7.62 has 17,222 pixels per square meter, P8 has 15,625 pixels per square meter, P10 has 10,000 pixels per square meter, and P12 has one. A square meter has 6.94.40 pixels, P16 has 3906 pixels per square meter, and P20 has 2500 pixels per square meter.

③. The dot pitch is different, and the distance suitable for viewing is also different. For example, P2 is better for viewing at a distance of 2 meters, P2.5 is suitable for viewing at a distance of 2.5 meters, and so on, P8 is suitable for viewing at a distance of 8 meters; If the screen area is too small, a higher-density LED display model is needed to achieve a good display effect.

The specific model selection needs to be determined according to the viewing distance, use occasion, display requirements, capital budget, etc. If you are not sure by yourself, please consult our professional sales staff to determine!

9. Full-color LED display screen image and video HD display ratio,

1. 10 square meters, 4.22 meters wide * 2.37 meters high (16: 9); 3.65 meters wide * 2.74 meters high (4: 3).

2. 20 square meters, 5.96 meters wide * 3.35 meters high (16: 9); 5.16 meters wide * 3.87 meters high (4: 3).

3. 30 square meters, width 7.3 meters * height 4.11 meters (16: 9); width 6.33 meters * height 4.74 meters (4: 3).

4. 50 square meters, 9.43 meters wide * 5.3 meters high (16:9); 8.17 meters wide * 6.12 meters high (4:3).

5. 100 square meters, 13.33 meters wide * 7.5 meters high (16: 9); 11.55 meters wide * 8.66 meters high (4: 3).

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