How to distinguish the quality of high-end transparent screen?

Mar 19,2021| LED Knowledge

  Transparent LED screen is one of the most popular products in the LED display, is applied widely because of transparent LED screen and the design is novel, is usually as a shop window, etc At present a lot of LED display manufacturer production of transparent LED panel is very similar, even if the appearance will be different, but the principle is the same structure, such as circuit board light bead wire, etc So how to use our money will find good transparent LED display Now technology changes with each passing day, LED transparent screen did a lot of attention from its start, it will certainly to lead the LED display industry usher in a new trend.However, how do we choose transparent LED display, through what to know it is good or bad?

High-end LED transparent screen material

  The following will tell you more about the LED transparent screen to help you hang to more suitable products for your needs.

  Transparent screen main components:

  The LED transparent LED screen main core parts are LED lamp bead driver chip PCB circuit boards, etc., these three parts are very special, is LED transparent screen at the heart of the other components such as power supply control system structure of wire rod and so on can be replaced, and LED lamp bead once production circuit board driver chip is cannot change together So when the LED transparent screen of the three components in any kind of serious quality problems, means the whole piece of transparent LED screen is a substandard products.

High-end LED transparent screen

  How to distinguish the quality of LED transparent screen:

  1. LED the transparency of the transparent screen.

  The transparency of transparent LED display associated with point spacing and

  process structures, the greater the spacing, the greater the permeability In most case, it will be determined according to technology of the transparent LED screen manufacturers process structures Customers can be YAKELI board against the same number of modules and then slowly ascending little distance, to go to watch this lamp bead brightness can meet their requirement Pure using low brightness of indoor environment can, but if the window is transparent screen or LED glass curtain wall LED screen, you will need to highlight LED transparent screen can achieve a good standard.

  2. LED transparent screen brightness and viewing Angle.

  The brightness of the LED lights should be kept in the indoor environment in 800 CD/m2-900 CD/m2, outdoor environment must be kept in more than 1400 CD/m2, to ensure that the size of the display image of normal play perspective refers to many viewers can see the range of the display, so the bigger the better View depends on the size of the chip encapsulation way, so we must consider perspective when encapsulated chip the size of the factors.

  3. The problem of blind Angle and Mosaic phenomenon.

  Dead-zone phenomenon refers to the screen always bright or black often a single point, the reason of dead point is the quality of the mould has a problem Mosaic problem refers to the four square appear on the display or always black, namely the module of necrosis, the main cause of this phenomenon is used in the display connector quality is bad.

  4.The flatness of the display and the existence of color blocks.

  The flatness of the surface of the LED transparent screen is directly related to the effect of the screen texture and the distortion of the display image. Therefore, it is necessary to be particularly careful when adjusting the flatness of the display. Color blocks refer to the color difference between adjacent modules.

  5. Temperature of lamp bead.

  After lighting for a period of time, touch the LED transparent screen lamp bead with your hand. The temperature is very high or even hot, and the stability of the LED transparent screen is good.

  5. Quality of solder joint.

  The solder joint quality of the transparent LED screen is full to prove that the welding process is good, and the brightness is high to prove that the solder material is good;serious is the welding, easy to lead to poor contact and other bad phenomenon, and the follow-up maintenance is more troublesome.

  6. The way to paste the light of LED transparent screen.

  At present, there are two ways to make LED transparent screen, one is positive light, the other is side luminous side luminous although the permeability is relatively high, but the lamp bead is the traditional LED display lamp bead, the quality will be more stable.

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