What are the characteristics of p3.91 die-cast aluminum led display screen?

Jun 16,2021| LED Knowledge

The P3.91 die-cast aluminum led display screen is formed at one time by applying external pressure from a mold. The flatness of the box is more guaranteed, the tolerance range is effectively controlled, and the problem of the box seam is basically solved; the humanized design makes the installation more convenient, lighter, and the box body The splicing and connecting wire connection is more reliable; the weight is light, the hoisting structure is adopted, and the installation is more convenient and firmer; the imported power connector is used for the connection, which is safer and more reliable; the signal and power connection between the boxes are connected in a concealed manner for installation You can’t see any traces of connecting wires after finishing; you can also use black light to mount, the contrast is stronger, the color is softer, and the white balance consistency is better; when the screen is not lit, the whole screen looks more beautiful.
P3.91 Die-cast aluminum LED display

1.Signal processing: Die-cast aluminum series products adopt signal folding technology, unit modules do not need to be cascaded, which greatly improves the display performance of the product. Using signal folding technology, the unit modules do not need to be cascaded, which greatly improves the display performance of the product.

2. Mask: The patented technology mask is used to facilitate the front maintenance of the LED light. The fastening screws are not visible on the front of the mask. The screen surface has good integrity, and there is no bright spot caused by screw leakage when the screen is lit.

3. Modules: (1) Adopt large modules (such as 250*250mm), with only 4 modules per box, reducing internal connections and improving product stability. (2) Without opening the box, the display module can be directly disassembled from the back of the box. Without opening the box, the display module can be directly disassembled from the back of the box.

4. Back cover: Remove 4 screws and remove the back cover to maintain and replace the power supply and accept the card.

5. Heat sink: The aluminum base plate is used instead of the traditional plastic bottom shell, which improves the heat dissipation performance of the product while ensuring the flatness.

6. IC and driver: high refresh rate, high grayscale, high refresh rate, high grayscale 16384 grayscale products adopt high-end constant current driver chips with built-in PWM. When a single receiving card is loaded, the display refresh rate can be as low as 960HZ and as high as 4800HZ.

The gray level* is as high as 16bit, and the picture is stable, which can easily meet the requirements of high-end applications such as stage performances and broadcasting. The DC power cord adopts American standard wire, and the power input adopts a surface mount socket. The power cord is not easy to loosen, the line loss is minimal during the power transmission process, and the input voltage is stable.
P3.91 & P4.81 rental LED display


1. Light weight: Taking the box size of 500*500mm as an example, the weight of each square box is only 24kg, and a single box weighs about 8KG, which can be carried by a single person, saving installation time;

2. Thin box body: The box body is made of die-cast aluminum, which has high strength, strong toughness, high precision, and is not easy to deform. Its thickness is only 80mm;

3. The screen body is flat: the surface flatness error is less than 0.2mm, which effectively eliminates the mosaic phenomenon;

4. Fast disassembly and assembly: the box body is connected with a quick locking mechanism up and down, and the two handles can be turned 90 degrees to lock the two boxes, and the installation of one box can be completed in 10s, with high installation accuracy. The box splicing and wiring connection are fast and reliable, which is beautiful and beautiful and can be quickly assembled and disassembled in the true sense.

5. Easy maintenance: modular design, easy installation and disassembly at any position of the assembled screen, and simple maintenance

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