What are the main types of LED displays in shopping malls?

Oct 13,2021| LED Knowledge

As the main place of life and entertainment for urban citizens, shopping malls have an important life and economic status in large and medium-sized cities. The mall is a place for leisure, shopping and entertainment integrating eating, drinking, playing and entertainment. Because of the excessive traffic, they are also factors that many businesses are willing to advertise in the mall. Among them, advertising on LED displays in shopping malls is one of the more common ways, and it is also a more effective way to promote products or services. So, what are the main types of LED displays in shopping malls?

Shopping mall led display application: outdoor large-screen led display
outdoor large-screen led display

Outdoor led display screens are generally installed on the outer walls of shopping malls. The specific selection specifications need to be determined in conjunction with the actual project, scale, budget, etc. The advantage of this screen is that it can cover a larger audience. People walking around the mall can clearly see the advertising content of the video, which is conducive to the promotion of brands, goods or services.

Shopping mall led display application: indoor LED display in shopping mall
LED Advertising Signs Reinforce Your Brand And Captivate Your Consumer

In shopping malls, there are many LED display screens used to play business advertisements. This kind of LED display is usually in close contact with people, so many shopping mall businesses like to choose LED display indoors to promote their products. For example, we can often see a small and small-pitch LED display in the food area. Play some of the products that are currently on sale.

Placing an LED display indoors allows consumers to look up and see the advertisements on the LED display when they are walking or sitting down in the shopping mall. The exquisite advertisements can easily arouse consumers’ direct interest and bring them to the shopping mall. Demand for immediate consumption.

Shopping mall led display application: LED cylindrical screenLED cylindrical screen

LED column screens are also common LED displays in shopping malls. Flexible LED displays are often used to make LED cylindrical displays. Flexible led display has the characteristics of good flexibility, arbitrary bending, and various installation methods, which can meet individual design, low power consumption and energy saving. Because the flexible LED display is front maintenance, it is very convenient whether it is disassembly or maintenance.

Shopping mall led display application: LED transparent screen

Due to the high cost of LED transparent screens, it is currently rare in shopping malls. However, LED transparent screens are often installed on the glass walls of jewelry stores on the first floor of many shopping malls. This kind of LED display has a permeability of 60%-95%, which can seamlessly splice the floor glass curtain wall and the window lighting structure, which is transparent and transparent, restores the lighting and vision of the glass curtain wall, does not occupy space, and can also beautify and decorate. LED transparent screens can also be seen outside the commercial center buildings in many cities.

Shopping mall led display The above-mentioned four kinds of LED display screens are very common in shopping malls. With the development of the economy and the improvement of technology, it is believed that more types of LED displays will be used in shopping malls, such as LED interactive displays, Rubik's Cube displays and so on. More and more unique led display screens will appear in shopping malls to decorate shopping malls.

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