Is the price of P2 indoor full-color LED display high?

Aug 07,2021| LED Knowledge

There are mainly the following types of LED display screens: 1. Conventional screens, 2. Customized screens: time tunnel, floor tile screen, transparent screen, sky screen, glass plank and other screens. The price of each product is different, depending on customer needs and on-site installation environment. If you want to know the specific price of the P2 indoor full-color LED display, you need to measure it according to the four main parts of the LED display. The LED display screen can be divided into the following parts, namely the LED display screen body, control system, auxiliary playback equipment, the steel structure and the steel structure decoration edging for the installation of the LED display screen, the power amplifier and the sound, the control computer, and the computer control automatic power on and off Power distribution cabinets, quality assurance spare parts, etc.

P2 indoor full-color LED display required cost details:

Display screen body:

It is generally calculated according to the price per square meter, that is, the common P2 indoor full-color LED display is quoted at xxx yuan/㎡, and the price will be different if the display model and materials are different.

The quotation of the screen body includes a complete set of LED color screen requirements: die, module circuit board, IC driver chip, module power supply, steel box and plastic mask, as well as all cables and connecting wires inside the display.


The P2 full-color LED display is used as a cylindrical billboard in shopping malls.


Control System:

That is, the cost of the sending card and the receiving card of the display screen. Generally, only one sending card is needed for one screen, which is installed in the host computer, and the number of sending cards is n. The use of the control card is mainly based on the size of the display screen to determine the number. Generally speaking, the larger the area and the higher the density of the display screen, the more receiving cards are needed.

Audio + power amplifier:

Let the P2 indoor full-color LED display synchronize video to play the sound-producing equipment, which is generally equipped with 1 power amplifier and 2 speakers.

Distribution Cabinet:

The small area P2 indoor full-color LED display is not necessary; it is recommended to use the P2 indoor full-color LED display with a large power consumption of 10KW or more, which can provide voltage, power and current for the stable operation of various devices of the display device, which can effectively prevent display The screen power supply switch jumps and other failures.

Video processor:

The main purpose is to improve the overall display effect and functional application of the large screen, and to fully tap the value of the display screen. Solve the problems of various video signal access, processing and display, and can complete the format conversion problem among many signal formats. There are many brands and models of LED video processors with different unit prices.


The use of P2 full-color LED display in the indoor stage.


Steel structure, manual installation:

The bracket used to fix and install the display screen generally uses a steel frame structure, as well as aluminum-plastic panels or stainless steel edging materials, including manual installation costs. The steel frame structure design drawings can be provided by the engineer free of charge, and the customer can find a local manufacturer The production is good, the production is simple, the average worker can complete it, the cost is low, and the installation is convenient.

Enterprise production cost:

The production cost of each company is different, which also affects the final pricing of the P2 indoor full-color LED display to a certain extent;

The production cost of an enterprise includes labor manufacturing costs, employee salaries and other expenditures. The labor cost of manufacturing refers to the fact that the LED display, including the P2 indoor full-color LED display, cannot be fully automated, and some components are welded. And assembly still needs to be done manually, and the cost of this part is also quite high;

The higher the production cost of an enterprise, the higher the price of the P2 indoor full-color LED display.

Maintenance costs:

In addition to the above factors, maintenance costs will also affect the price of LED displays;

The led display is a scientific and technological product. In the event of a malfunction, professional scientific and technical personnel must be asked to repair and protect it. Generally, when manufacturers sell P2 indoor full-color LED displays, they will provide a certain amount of repair and maintenance time for free, so repair and maintenance costs are also included in the price of P2 indoor full-color LED displays.

The longer the free repair time provided by the manufacturer and the better the maintenance service, the higher the price of the P2 indoor full-color LED display.


The use of P2 full-color LED display in indoor meeting rooms.


The determinants of the cost of P2 indoor full-color LED display are:

LED lamp beads: accounted for 30% to 70% of the cost of the entire P2 indoor full-color LED display price. LED lamp beads are the main components of the screen. There are tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of lamp beads per square meter of screen area.

LED lights mainly include in-line and surface mount lamps. The in-line type is mainly used for outdoor full-color LED displays with high brightness; the surface mount type is mainly used for indoor LED displays with high density.

Steel structure: Affected by factors such as installation location, installation method, LED screen size, frame structure material selection, etc., especially when making outdoor LED displays, the project price varies greatly due to the impact of the construction environment. The price of the steel frame consists of steel materials, steel material reprocessing, welding labor, and auxiliary material costs. Since the P2 indoor full-color LED display is an indoor display, it does not require high-quality moisture-proof equipment, etc. Therefore, the price of the P2 indoor full-color LED display will be much lower than that of the outdoor one.

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