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LED Control Sending Box

  Support 4k-2k resolution


  HDR10/HLG/Free rotation/Low latency

sending box
Transparent LED Display products

LED Video Processor

  Professional visual solutions,excellent image display, switching, and monitoring

  Real 4k for breathtaking pixel to pixel display, fully featured for ultimate efficiency

  Mutiple players for creative arrangements, dual-redundancy for ultimate stability

Receiving Card

  High-end mini size receiving card ,featuring a compact size and full functions, supports 18bits and ClearView

  Utilize latest LED display image processing technologies from NovaStar. Highly improving the image quality on the display

video processor
Transparent LED Display products


  Full relative accessoires for the LED display control system of multi-function card, display monitoring card, automatic light sensor, ambient temperature sensor

  Fiber optic converter, splitter


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